This oven optimises energy consumption and reduces costs, thus increasing profitability. Offering three different cooking modes you can increase productivity, expand your menu and simplify your operation. Another benefit is its ‘Self Clean’ mode which leaves the oven absolutely spotless.

Designed to offer long term protection against limescale build up on machines, thus reducing the need for cost intensive servicing and machine breakdown.

Where equipment fails within 12 months from the date of delivery to the customer, Hobart repairs the equipment free of charge, provided no alterations, additions or repairs have been made by any person not authorised by Hobart. Hobart cannot be held responsible for the quality of your water supply and always recommends the use of water softeners or water conditioners at all times. Scale related damage is not covered under the warranty.

The product pages on our website have links to a sales brochure which contain further information. If you require even more information please ring 1800 462 278

Hobart service is here when you need it, 24/7. It offers complete reassurance and ensures nothing stops your kitchen from operating smoothly. Our skilled experts can guarantee downtime is decreased and a 93% first time genuine fix is achieved.

They provide a substantially broader and more precise spraying pattern. Compared with conventional and fixed arm systems, masking is avoided and the wash result, especially in the corners, is dramatically improved.

All returns must be authorised by Hobart and will be subject to a 25% restocking charge. Only returns of new and unused equipment, in original packaging, will be considered. The charge covers return transport, inspection, quality assurance checks and return warehousing.

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