The Hobart EDGE slicer is a medium-duty safety  slicer

  • Operator safety, durability and sanitation
  • 0.37kW (1/2 h.p.) knife drive motor – better with cheese
  • Gauge plate (slice thickness) interlock – no exposed knife when carriage is removed
  • Permanently mounted knife ring guard – maximum safety when cleaning
  • Large product tray – slices items up to 273mm in length and 187mm in diameter
  • Maximum slice thickness – 14mm
  • Carriage system easily removed for cleaning
  • Long life Borazon sharpening and truing stone – easily removed and dishwasher safe
  • Sanitary anodized aluminium base, carriage and knife cover
  • Removable large under knife deflector
  • Ergonomically mounted meat grip handle

Further Information

  • 300mm blade
  • Crafted from the highest quality anodised aluminium
  • Top mounted sharpener
  • Detachable food carriage
  • 240/50/1 – 10amp plug and lead