The Hobart HS9 slicer is a heavy-duty semi automatic slicer designed to meet the strict USA NSF Sanitary guidelines and overcome the Work Health and Safety issues associated with operating and cleaning slicers.

Customer benefits include:

  • Operator safety is Number 1 combined with, durability, sanitation and performance
  • New EASY-LIFT mechanism to raise & lower machine for cleaning underneath
  • 330mm stainless steel CLEAN CUTTM 100% REMOVABLE KNIFE for ease of cleaning and maximum hygiene
  • Variable 4 speed automatic carriage & 3 stroke lengths
  • Gauge plate (slice thickness) interlock – gauge plate must be closed to remove carriage
  • No volt release – if power fails or plug is removed slicer must be switched on again to re-start
  • Carriage system interlock – gauge plate indicator must be closed to open or remove
  • Carriage system can be tilted open or removed for cleaning
  • “Home” position to start—for operator safety carriage must be in home position to start machine
  • Borazon stone long life sharpening attachment
  • Sanitary & heavy-duty stainless steel gauge plate, carriage face plate and knife cover
  • Sanitary anodized aluminium base
  • Permanently mounted knife ring guard – maximum safety when cleaning
  • Low fence as standard
  • Optional accessory – food chute

Further Information

• 330mm blade
• Anodised aluminium base with smooth lines and no scrap traps
• Top mounted sharpener
• Detachable food carriage
• Fully removable blade
• Unique lift mechanism for cleaning under machine
• 240/50/1 10amp plug and lead