Hobart Australia offer the most space efficient rack conveyor dishwasher ranges on the market, when comparing size versus rack per hour capacity.

The CN Series comprises a range of models suited to a wide range of applications and is capable of washing 80 to 320 racks per hour. Key features which caterers demand are performance, economy and ease of operation and the CN excels at all of these.

Ease of operation

  • INFORONIC control is intuitive to use and features full colour touchscreen display.

Outstanding wash results

  • CONTACT wash system delivers precise wash pressure and temperature to ensure a consistently outstanding wash performance
  • Ideal for glass, dish and general warewashing in any high volume site where a conveyorised system is appropriate

Energy Saving Features

  • Low rinse water consumption (from just 230ltrs per hour) saves water, energy and chemicals to deliver low running costs
  • “State of the art” energy saving systems allow ‘vent free’ operation, improving the working environment and reducing energy consumption by up to 18.5kW/h.
  • Triple rinse with detergent saving by-pass system guarantees superb results whilst reducing Standard features comprise detergent consumption by up to 75%.