The revolutionary PREMAX CP Series featuring patented Hobart SENSOTRONIC technology is the most intelligent and efficient rack conveyor dishwasher on the market.

No other rack conveyor machine is easier to operate, delivers such exceptional wash results and can save you a massive 30% in energy and water usage costs and reduce detergent consumption by up to 80%.

Unique SENSOTRONIC features:

  • AUTO-SAVE – automatically adjusts rinse water consumption by detecting type of ware, conveyor speed and empty spaces between baskets.
  • CHECK-START – provides a vital failure indication of key functions including wash and rinse systems, drain valves and heaters.

Ease of operation

  • PROTRONIC control with touch screen allows quick and easy selection of functions. Accurate temperature read outs displayed continuously
  • Detailed water and energy consumption data is stored and can be accessed when required

Outstanding wash results

  • CONTACT wash system delivers precise wash pressure and temperature to ensure a consistently outstanding wash performance
  • HOT-TEMP washing improves detergent performance, cleaning ware faster. This allows CP models to operate at 40% higher speeds than a standard machine (up to 320 racks/hr)

Energy Saving Features

  • Ultra-low rinse water consumption (from as low as 140 Litres per hour) saves water, energy and chemicals to deliver low running costs.
  • Vent free heat pump systems improve the working environment and reduce energy consumption by up to 18.5kW/h.
  • Triple rinse with detergent saving by-pass system guarantees superb results whilst reducing detergent consumption by up to 75%.