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Household dishwashers and semi-professional dishwashers are often still used in the accommodation and communal areas of senior citizen and care homes, convalescence facilities and child care centres. Such dishwashers have the disadvantages of long washing times and higher operating costs. With its care line, HOBART has developed a professional solution that is ideal for use in care facilities and has the benefits of short washing and drying times, significantly lower costs, easy operation and the option for thermal disinfection of wash ware.

The HOBART care combines the professionalism and speed of a gastro dishwasher with the easy handling and size of a household machine. This means you get hygienic cleanliness in just five minutes. Furthermore, HOBART keeps the environment in mind by ensuring low consumption of detergents, energy and water. For example, the GENIUS-X² fine filter system cleans dirty water to maintain a clean wash solution. This reduces the detergent consumption by up to 35 percent. HOBART care also impresses with low operating costs. Compared to conventional household dishwashers, 50 percent savings can be made on energy, detergent and water costs, primarily by using an innovative steam washing system that reduces the fresh water consumption to 1.7 litres per rack.

Premium hygiene
HOBART care also has an option for thermal disinfection. Using steam at 100 °C, two racks are thermally disinfected with an A0 value of 60 within just 12 minutes. Operation is also very simple. The intelligent VISIOTRONIC control shows information as text and symbols on a large display that is activated via a proximity sensor. The characteristic HOBART care start button is always clearly visible. A remaining time indicator uses a colour gradient to show the washing progress.

Easy-to-clean stainless steel surfaces also make routine dishwasher tasks easier. Another time-saving feature is the USB interface which greatly simplifies data transfers for HACCP documentation in line with DIN SPEC 10534 for operating logbooks.

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