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• High capacity / effi ciency system
• Continuous treatment system providing demineralised water for top-quality wash results
• Prevents salt and limescale stains on dishes, glassware and cutlery in areas where carbon hardness is high
• No need for manual polishing of glasses and cutlery
• Protects machine against limescale deposits
• Optimises the eff ectiveness of detergents - the dosing rate can be reduced
• Unrivalled capacity at very low operating costs
• Compact dimensions

• Selfstanding compact unit for higher capacity requirements
• The raw mains water enters enclosed system and is forced at high pressure through a special extremely fine membrane
• Salts and minerals are thereby completely removed from the water. The downstream dishwasher is thus supplied by perfectly clean water
• If the total hardness of the mains water exceeds 10°dH, we recommend installing an upstream HYDROLINE PROTECT SD-H unit
• Integrated activated carbon fi lter and sediment filter remove rough particles to protect the membrane


Order number Description

Compact free standing reverse osmosis

Technical data

Power Supply 230 / 50 / 1
Total Loading - Standard 0.72 kW / 10A
Weight (gross / net) 35 / 33 kg
Maximum Supply Hardness 20 °dH*
Maximum Conductivity Supply Water 2,000 µS/cm
Supply Capacity recom. 500 l/day
Supply Capacity Maximum 5.2 l/min

* The water treatment system must be connected to the drinking water supply system by means of a backflow preventer conforming to WMTS-101:2018. The outlet of the reverse osmosis system must be equipped with a backflow preventer to ensure that dirty water from the dishwasher does not enter the treatment system. From 10° dH we recommend to install an upstream water softening system to prevent blockage of the membrane. Hard water reduces the permeate output and shortens the life of the membranes. For higher capacities and continuous washing please use a buffer tank (see "Optional Equipment")


Order number Description

25 litre buff er tank to increase the capacity and to achieve a more even level of purification
fixation to wall or fl oor
diameter ~245 mm
length ~475 mm
incl. T-connection piece


Replacement carbon fi lter cartridge - RO-C
Carbon pre-fi lter cartridge for regular exchange
Capacity: 10,000 litre / 6 month (Please order 2 of them per exchange of the filter)

For machine protection the water hardness should not exceed 3°dH, if higher we recommend using a HOBART HYDROLINE water softener / treatment system.