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HOBART presents the next generation of the tried-and-tested CP/CN series on 1st October. Whether it’s the exclusive PREMAX or efficient PROFI version, the new rack-type dishwasher is even more efficient and economical, making HOBART commercial warewashing more sustainable than ever before.

Offenburg, 12th September 2022 – Given the rise in energy costs, the economic efficiency of new kitchen equipment purchases is more important than ever before. Energy-efficient warewashing technology can pay for itself, even after a short period of time. The latest generation of the CP/CN series rack-type dishwasher offers a number of features that enable professionals to wash more efficiently while preserving existing resources, as well as a high level of economy the dishwashers are also easy to operate. And, they provide clean hygienic results due to a number of patented innovations.

Three new features for ultimate efficiency in washing
The new LOW-CHEM INTENSIVE detergent saving system is available on the new C-line and can reduce up to 30 % more chemical consumption compared to the standard LOW-CHEM feature.  This is made possible by a turbidity sensor in the wash tank, which continuously assesses the quality of the wash water and checks the level of contamination in the water then only adds the necessary detergent quantity to the main wash tank.

Water can be saved effectively thanks to the new LOW-FLOW rinse system. Here, a combination of different innovations helps to reduce water consumption by up to 80 l/h. This feature is now available as an option for all new models.

The tried-and-tested CLIMATE and CLIMATE-PRO energy-saving systems are still available for all models in the C-line; the CLIMATE-PRO heat pump has been enhanced in the new series and can save up to 20 kWh due to the thermal energy that is fed back into the system. Another new feature is the tried-and-tested INFOTRONIC control function equipped with a glass touch display as standard.  The high-quality safety glass not only improves the feel of the product, but also its appearance and makes it easier to clean.

Digital control with an app
When it comes to saving energy, further support comes from the HOBART SmartConnect app, which can be connected with all models. With this app, all key data such as machine operation and current operating costs can be monitored carefully and optimised, if necessary.

Perfect rinse results with less energy – even on plastic
Using the new generation saves resources, thereby protecting the environment – and delivering a top-class rinse result simultaneously. Looking after the environment involves using plastic multi-use cups – then when it comes to cleaning and drying these products, the C-line rack-type dishwasher is the ideal machine for the job. The DYNAMIC-DRY drying feature employs sophisticated state-of-the-art fan technology with a special inflow nozzle that increases efficiency by 50 %. Multi-use wash ware is automatically recognised by the machine, which increases the fan power by activating an auxiliary fan. DYNAMIC-DRY is a standard feature in all of the C-line models. With this feature, up to 60 racks or 1,500 plastic cups can be washed and dried every hour.

PREMAX guarantees an extra high level of economy
The PREMAX line contains two additional features to promote efficient washing: thanks to special precision nozzles, the fresh water rinse enables fresh water consumption to be cut by up to 60 % while rinsing. With the patented energy management feature, the machine’s energy losses are reduced by up to 20 % while rinsing.

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