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  • Two-Level-Washer, for straight through and additional front door operation with 2 washchambers
  •  Nominal capacity up to 120 racks/h
  • 7 automatic cycles: short, standard, intensive, starchremoval, permanent, hygiene, utensil
  •  Heat and noise insulated hood
  • Strainer soil sensor
  •  Integrated WiFi module
  • Self-cleaning programme
  • USB-Interface for comfortable download of operational data
  • Ready to install - completely euipped: fill / drain hose, electrical cable, detergent dispenser, rinse aid dispenser, rinse pump, drain pump and back-flow preventer
  •  Tank, frame, wash / rinse arms and panels are stainless steel 1.4301
  • 1 plate rack P-18-12
  • 1 universal flat rack B-00-07
  • 1 rack guide with slide for lower level 04-016270-001
  • 1 plastic cutlery rack (4 compartements) 01-246175-1
  • Double capacity: The TLW provides twice the capacity of a conventional hood-type dishwasher, thanks to an additional wash chamber - but with the same space requirement.
  • Maximum flexibility: Simultaneous washing of different wash ware, such as porcelain dishes, cutlery or  cooking utensils, in two separate wash chambers.
  • Space saving wash organisation: For heavily soiled wash ware, the TLW has a special utensil wash programme. Due to the extended washing time, the pre-soaking effect is already integrated into the washing process, so that the wash ware no longer need to pre-soaked. This saves valuable space in the kitchen organisation.
  • VISIOTRONIC-TOUCH control: colour touchscreen (displays text and graphic) in conjunction with single button control and remaining cycle time indication.
  • SMARTCONNECT App: controlling your warewash operation with smart technology: status and messages, usage and operating costs, hygiene, service and consumables order.
  • SENSO-ACTIVE resource management: constantly measures the quality of the wash water and keeps the amount of rinsing needed in each rinse cycle to the minimum in order to guarantee a fully hygienic wash result.
  • Exhaust energy storage: the fully enclosed 4-sided hood keeps steam and energy inside the system: energy saving up to 3 kW, less humidity in the kitchen area and better hygienic conditions.
  • CLIP-IN wash and rinse arms: wash and rinse arms can be removed with one hand and without any tools
  • Interlocked strainer: prevents operation without tank strainer.
  • EASY-CLEAN concept: blue markings in the machine help the operator to identify the components which require cleaning.
  • Thermolabel 71°C: default temperatures setting acc. European DIN can be switched by operator to a higher thermolabel setting.
  • Watermark approved to  WMTS-101:2018, Cert. WMKT21944

Technical data

Cycle Times* 60 / 90 / 180 sec. & special cycles
Water Consumption Upper Level: 2.0 l/rack ; Lower Level: 2.5 l/rack
Tank Capacity 30 L
Tank Heating 3 kW
Power Supply 415 / 50 / 3N
Booster Loading - Standard 9.1 kW
Total Loading - Standard 13.6 kW l 3 x 25A
Total Loading - Alternative 10.4 kW l 3 x 20A
Wash Pump 1.2 kW
Rack Size 500 x 500 mm
Loading Height Upper Level: 440mm ; Lower Level: 235mm
Noise Level 70 dB (A)
Weight (gross / net) 160 / 140 kg


*Thermostop guarantees required temperatures with cold water, the actual cycle times extend accordingly.
For machine protection the water hardness should not exceed 3°dH, if higher we recommend using an integrated water
softener or a HOBART HYDROLINE water treatment system.


Order number Description

Low level chemical sensing lance set. HOBART WASHSMART app compatible.

For machine protection the water hardness should not exceed 3°dH, if higher we recommend using a HOBART HYDROLINE water softener / treatment system.