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What's on the menu today?

Lunchtime. Your guests are coming in droves. They are short on time but have big appetites. To manage everything, you have to keep an eye on the processes and efficiency. A balancing act that can be mastered using our technology.

With process security in cooking, food preparation and warewashing technology, we will let you focus on more important tasks.

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One machine which can wash everything, and simultaneously. Impossible? Not for HOBART! Take for example the flight-type dishwasher: thanks to the autoLINE system, it washes dishes, cutlery and trays at the same time. This saves work steps, labour hours, water, energy – and your money.

Trust the Best!

Rely on HOBART competence!

  • Best wash result
  • Highest economy
  • Best reliability
  • Easy handling
Topseller Warewashing


Keeping food warm for hours in the serving area is no longer the state-of-the-art in communal catering. Today's cooking technology allows you to cook and regenerate meals at the push of a button. To everybody's benefit: freshly cooked meals for the guests, and greater convenience for the serving staff.

Trust the Best!

Rely on HOBART competence!

  • Simple handling
  • Best reliability
  • High economy
  • Quick cleaning
Topseller Cooking

Food preparation

1000 desserts of various types – an everyday task for a large canteen. This can only be managed by highly efficient machines, for example the universal mixers by HOBART.

Trust the Best!

Rely on HOBART competence!

  • Efficient
  • Robust
  • Reliable
Topseller Food preparation