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Suitable chemicals

Why the right chemicals and a correct dosage matter


Commercial cleaning agents for glassware and dishes contain special substances and components protecting the surface of the wash ware, yet achieving the necessary cleaning effect. Detergents as well as rinse aids, when precisely matched, contribute to a perfect result in terms of cleanliness and hygiene.

What we recommend:

  • Make sure that detergent and rinse aid perfectly match.
  • Observe the dosage instructions: underdosing has adverse effects on the wash results and the wash ware lifecycle. Overdosing has no positive effects on the wash result, but causes pollution and is uneconomical.
  • The right dosage should be determined by an expert when setting up/installing the dishwasher.
  • Acidic and chlorine detergents may cause cloudy glassware and damage the decor.
  • Only use special glassware detergents with your glassware. HOBART recommends HLG-10 glassware detergent and HLG-1000 rinse aid for glassware from HOBART's glassware series.
  • For universal use, depending on the degree of dirt deposits and on water hardness, we recommend HLU-30, -31 or -32 detergents as well as HLU-3000 rinse aid from our universal series.
  • When changing the detergent or rinse aid, pay attention to the instructions for use

For more advice, please refer to

HOBART chemical guide