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Water quality, water treatment

How to achieve brilliant wash results

Four key factors are decisive for achieving shiny clean glasses, plates and cutlery:

1. time
2. temperature
3. cleaner
4. water.

Modern technology in HOBART dishwashers is the solution to the first three factors. It ensures programme control and temperature management, the proper dosage of cleaners and provides the necessary mechanical force of water. However, the quality of the wash result depends, to a significant extent, on the quality of the water itself.

Water can spoil good wash results

There are limits to even the best dishwashers where the water contains a high level of minerals. What is crucial is not only water hardness (lime content), but the total salinity!

The following three analyses are necessary to determine the exact quality of the water:

  1. total hardness
    (calcium and magnesium carbonate content plus non-carbonate hardening agents)
  2. carbonate hardnes
    (calcium and magnesium carbonate content)
  3. total salinity
    (calcium and magnesium carbonate content plus non-carbonate hardening agents plus non-hardening agents)

Once the local water quality has been determined, a perfect wash result and optimal machine protection can be achieved using the right water treatment system


Machine protection Yes Yes Yes Yes
Detergent saving Yes Yes Yes Yes
Spotless wash ware   Partial Yes Yes

HOBART has the right solution for all applications and any machine type, irrespective of the capacity.



Hard water can attack a dishwasher and lead to limescale deposits on the heating elements when heated. Thus, the programme time may increase significantly and the dishwasher performance is impaired. If the hardening minerals are not removed from the water, a solid layer of limescale forms on the heating elements. The danger is that heating elements might burn out and the machine comes to a stop.
Softening systems protect the dishwasher, reduce downtimes and, consequently, save money.

Water Softener HYDROLINE SE-H
Water Softener HYDROLINE SD-H

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Water rich in minerals leaves unsightly residues on the wash ware when drying. To remove these stains, glassware and cutlery need to be polished after cleaning. Polishing, however, not only commands significant resources, but is also a source of spreading germs and destroys the hygienic wash result. Moreover, glassware may produce an unpleasant, even repellent smell.

Demineralisation systems guarantee a spotless wash result and, at the same time, save costs as there is no longer a need for polishing. The perfect water quality is also gentle on the dishwasher.



Partial demineralisation systems guarantee a spotless wash result and, at the same time, save costs since manual polishing is no longer necessary. The perfect water quality is also gentle on the dishwasher. Partial demineralisation achieves visibly improved wash results while protecting the dishwasher against limescale.

Partial Demineralisation HYDROLINE STAR PURITY 1200

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The process of full demineralisation, however, exchanges all the salts contained in the water. This guarantees a perfect wash result for glassware and cutlery, even if the untreated water exhibits a high salt and mineral content. Full demineralisation ensures absolute top wash results and perfect dishwasher protection.

Full Demineralisation HYDROLINE STAR PURITY 1200 EXTRA

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An osmosis system provides almost 100 % desalted water and has an effect, particularly where there is a high degree of dishwasher utilisation combined with an exacting demand for a spotless wash result. Polishing glassware and cutlery is with a thing of the past. These self-sufficient systems do not require regular replacement of run-down cartridges, thus guaranteeing minimum handling efforts.

Reverse osmosis HYDROLINE PURE RO-C
Reverse osmosis HYDROLINE PURE RO-I
Reverse osmosis HYDROLINE PURE RO-S

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